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Media is powerful; we use it for good.

Mission: To question, to prepare, and to create astonishing work - to not take any moment for granted. To contribute positively to society. To harness and execute the power of aesthetics and creativity. To dedicate as much time to research, experimentation and exploration as we do to creation. To perform work that brings joy, joyfully. To activate audiences, spark conversations, and excite curiosity.


1/3rd of the work that we take on is pro-bono/ volunteer work for initiatives, non-profits, and individuals that we believe are doing critical work for the good of society.


Authenticity, action, organic, and creativity. Meria.Agency takes the pressure off of you, and brings your stories to life through an easy to follow process, including a plan for collaboration at any level you’re comfortable with; We can work fully and transparently with your team, or you can give us full creative control.


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